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Vision Apparel Inc.


Vision Apparel Inc. was founded in 2019 by Charles Easter. We are based in Brentwood, Tennessee. The manifestation of Vision Apparel Inc. is a direct byproduct of hearing from God, activating the power of believing, and taking the action steps to turn a word into something physical.

Vision Apparel Inc. is a clothing and apparel company that is inspired by God's daily presence in our lives. We design and sell lifestyle clothing and apparel that shares the message of Jesus Christ. It is our hope to encourage, inspire, motivate, and change the lives of anyone that is exposed to Vision Apparel Inc. "Know God, Know The Vision".

Charles Easter

Founder & CEO

Charles Easter decided to use his passion for technology, graphic design, and business in a positive way that would reach and impact the masses - imparting hope into their lives through lifestyle apparel. In 2016, Charles was told by God that he should start an apparel company, but he brushed it off. As time went on, Charles and his family (wife & daughter) were shown numerous signs that they had outgrown a land that was once fruitful for them. Shortly after, they moved from Texas to Tennessee in 2017. Picking up their entire lives and moving 8 hours away to a completely new land required a new level of trusting in God for guidance, because everything changes in transition. After a year of living in Tennessee, Charles lost his job right before Christmas. Naturally, this looked like a season of lack was coming, but even in the midst of loosing a job, there was covering and protection for his entire family. God remained faithful. It was during that 3 months of unemployment, that God spoke to Charles the most. God turned some extremely low points into moments and experiences that influenced "the I AM COLLECTION" offered by Vision Apparel Inc. today.

Charles realized that he wasn't the only one going through situations in life that only the proper foundation, surroundings, and mindset could get him through. Shirts and lifestyle apparel was the perfect way to remind people of what the word of God says about them and their situations. Charles believes that people can easily forget how valuable they are. The shirts and apparel created by Vision Apparel Inc. are constant affirmations of the goodness of God, the value of people, and encouragement.


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